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The group focuses its research on improving the microbiological quality, safety and functional aspects of food.

In the first field researches on the development of rapid methods based on PCR, for the identification, detection and quantification of pathogenic bacteria and enteric viruses and their adaptation to food routine analysis.

In the second field addresses the taxonomic aspects and biotechnological characterization of food grade lactic acid bacteria, with special attention to the production of exopolysaccharides and their application in functional food.

  1. Development of rapid methods based on "real time PCR" for the quantitative detection of food pathogens (enteric bacteria and viruses), as well as viable / infectious forms.
  2. Validation of PCR methods for detection of pathogens in different food matrices and their adaptation to food routine analysis.
  3. Evaluation of the effectiveness of various processes used in the food industry (i.e. High hydrostatic pressures, active packaging, ultrasound, etc.) for the elimination of pathogens (viruses, bacteria).
  4. Characterization of new lactic acid bacteria strains: identification and characterization by PCR-based molecular techniques.
  5. Study of the biotechnological potential of lactic acid bacteria isolated from fermented products, focusing on the exopolysaccharides production and their application in functional food.
Jefe de Grupo

Rosa Aznar Novella
Lab.: 306
Telef.: 2318


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