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The group has a long and extensive experience in the chemical, biochemical and instrumental analysis of meat. This study focused on the biochemical mechanisms involved in the processing of meat and meat products with a view to improving the sensory quality, safety and nutritional value. The group is a global pioneer in the purification and characterization of muscle enzymes and enzymes from lactic acid bacteria and yeasts, in order to understand and optimize their mechanisms of action for industrial processes. Highlight the knowledge of the lipolysis and proteolysis mechanisms, and the generation of bioactive peptides which are identified and characterized. It also has extensive experience in the flavor of meat and meat products, especially in the study and identification of the generated aroma compounds. The group has led and / or participated as a partner in projects and / or special actions from the 3rd, 4, 5, 6 and 7 Framework Programme of the European Union, led a large number of projects in the National Plan, consecutively since 1987, and has made many contracts with domestic and foreign companies.


Study of the mechanisms (chemical, enzymatic and microbiological) of generation and perception of colour, aroma and flavour in meat products.

Characterization of aroma compounds by olfactometry analysis.

Proteomic characterization of proteins and peptides as markers of quality and bioactivity.

Development of rapid methodologies for monitoring and improving manufacturing processes and for the detection of illegal substances and / or contaminants.

Metabolomic study of meat and meat products to establish the profile of compounds with functional activity.

Development of high quality sensory and nutritive meat products with reduced salt and / or fat or improved lipid profile.

Jefe de Grupo

Fidel Toldrá Vilardell
Lab.: 102
Telef.: 2112


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